About Us

Ever since the beginning of time…
man has wanted to fly!

With this age-old dream in mind, we set out to achieve not just a vertical wind tunnel, but an operational tourism,help with writing my paper sporting and skydiving training center. A facility that would attract people of all ages and backgrounds, to experience what man has been trying to achieve since time itself began … Body Flight.

Free Flight is a family company. We started in 1988, with a trip abroad to assess and accumulate all the ideas currently in use throughout the world, so as to be able to begin with the facts. The next step was to build a prototype that could be operational to the public, but not in a location that would hinder the research and development that was to take place in the following years.

One that would handle good throughput in the peak seasons to accurately gauge customer response, staffing requirements, and maximum potential, but also allow closing for design modifications in the off peak seasons if required.

A center designed to produce a marketable wind tunnel at the most economical price.

Through painstaking design modification and implementation of our Prototype, remarkable results in air speed, airflow, temperature and safety, surfaced to produce what we believe is the worlds best, most cost effective wind tunnel design in the world today.

Our new Design Concept was achieved only after more than AUD$2 million investment in Research and Development in a real time tourism operation.

We are now offering you the opportunity to capitalize on all of our Research and Development and actual on site testing.

We can be of great assistance in helping you plan your own Free Flight Indoor Skydiving Center.

Because we have been there, we have done it all before … thereby saving you from making costly mistakes.

We look forward to a mutually profitable association, in what proves to be a world class tourism attraction.

A sporting activity and skydiving training facility business, that spreads throughout the world.

Regards …
Keith Gardiner

Australian Owned

Free flight indoor skydiving is proudly 100% owned and operated.

Free Flight Indoor Skydiving was built and maintained on the sunshine coast of Queensland, Australia.

Our prototype facility was developed and tested in realtime, with both the tourism public and skydiving professionals from all over the world.

the Facts

Free flight indoor skydiving was the first vertical wind tunnel offering 'body flight' activities, simulating a skydiving free fall experience, in the southern hemisphere.

It took over 20 years of any other company to build an indoor skydiving facility in the southern hemisphere.

We are proud to be the first.

Did You Know ?

...Free Flight indoor skydiving was helped children as young as 18 months and the more mature of our population at 86 years young, experience body flight?

We've also made it possible for paraplegics, the deaf, blind and people with many other disabilities overcome their fears, plus we've given them the opportunity to enjoy an exciting activity with their able bodied friends.

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