We are proud to confirm that after some six (6) years of research and development, we have what we believe is the world’s most advanced Indoor Skydiving Design now available, and yes we are in the business of selling this hard earned, expensively acquired, Intellectual Knowledge.

Indoor Skydiving Centres are usually built as one off, and require specialist equipment, to our knowledge there is not a suitable electric motor available any where in the world “off the shelf,” that will do the job efficiently. We can provide the necessary drawings for its construction.

Technically, Free Flight offers you the most significant breakthroughs in the history of Indoor Skydiving,

  • Air Speeds in excess of 240kph (150mph) have been achieved – until recently far in excess of anything commercially available.
  • Lower operating temperatures – only degrees above ambient temperature.
  • The ability to control the amount of air being
  • The capability to fly some people without baggy suits if required.
  • 6m [20ft] of usable flight chamber height. More if required.
  • Quiet operation – years of tested operation within 30 metres (100 feet) of residential homes.
  • Safety – Excellent safety record in 3 years of operation.

Ultimately, Free Flight gives you value for money with a realistic pricing.

It would cost around AUD$2million in Australia for the optimum setup on the last estimates we obtained, plus land and any costs of getting electricity and water to the proposed site if required.

The last figure we were given from USA was $3.2 million, we assume this was in USD$.

Our Information Memorandum includes the complete breakdown of what the building estimate includes.
If you want to put a proposal together for a Bank or some other Financial Institution you should consider purchasing one so you can put together a professional presentation. This would also allow you to analyze your local building costs and establish just where you can make any savings locally.


For those contemplating the construction of their own vertical wind tunnel operation, we offer a couple of very affordable products designed to give the prospective investor the information required to help make the decision as to whether an Indoor Skydiving Centre is suitable as their chosen project:

Promotional Video (DVD

(A Vision of … The Ultimate Experience
This Video is available in DVD or VHS-PAL formats for a worldwide audience and demonstrates the awesome power of a Free Flight Indoor Skydiving Facility as offered in our Research and Development Facility located in Australia. This video shows Bodyflight and customer training only and does not demonstrate any part of the building detail or operation.

AUD$ 50.00
(Plus Postage & Handling)

Information Memorandum
(A general overview – the place to get started for genuine
Offering general construction, training and support material requirements, including Australian cost estimates for building a successful Indoor Skydiving Facility.
(This includes our Promotional Video available in DVD or
VHS-PAL formats.)

AUD$ 2,500.00
(Plus Postage & Handling)

Basic Drive Information
(Motor Size and Propeller speed used.)
The motor size recommended and the propeller speed.
(For details of actual motor construction refer Electric Motor

(Plus Postage & Handling)


Once you have made the decision to build your own Indoor Skydiving facility, we offer you the opportunity to capitalize on our many years of experience and expensive Research and Development costs by purchasing one, or all of our individual
“Detailed Report Modules” that comes backed by the support of our Intellectual Knowledge related to that
particular module:

Electric Motor Module
(Full Working Drawings and Electric Motor Specifications to suit your local electrical
Available after local information supplied by you has been calculated by our electrical consultant.

AUD$ 29,000.00
(Plus Intellectual Property Contribution)

Structural Drawings Module
(Offering Flight Chamber and minimum ancillary services concept
This module includes measurements and is available immediately upon payment.

AUD$ 20,000.00
(Plus Intellectual Property Contribution)

Sound and Air Flow Module
(Detailed information for building Sound Attenuation and Air Flow
Available for individual completion by our Sound Engineer if our design concept is used.

AUD$ 25,000.00
(Plus Intellectual Property Contribution)

Safety and Equipment Module
(Detailed information for locally acquiring required safety
This includes important Construction Details for the Lower Flight Chamber Safety Net, Australian Indemnity Waiver Form and the Most Suitable Safety Equipment Requirements for Helmet and Goggle design etc. that have been tried and tested in our Research and Development Facility.

AUD$ 10,000.00
(Plus Intellectual Property Contribution)

Bodyflight Suit Module
(Tried and Proven unique Australian Design Wind Tunnel Suit
This very important module offers our unique range of Australian designed Bodyflight suit patterns and fabric specifications that have proven themselves in over 3 years of daily operational use.

AUD$ 10,000.00
(Plus Intellectual Property Contribution)

Free Flight Training Module
(Training Video and Manuals.)
This module includes our Pre-Flight Training Video (VHS) and various other training techniques found to be effective in speed of learning, customer enjoyment and most importantly, focus on safety and liability reduction.

AUD$ 10,000.00
(Plus Intellectual Property Contribution)

Intellectual Knowledge Contribution.
(Payable for each individual module.)
This is a part payment towards intellectual knowledge gained from Free Flight Indoor Skydiving’s extensive research and development in a real-time operational Indoor Skydiving Facility.

AUD$ 20,000.00
(This fee is payable with each module)

Our Complete Package
(For the committed builder of their own Indoor Skydiving
This is our complete package offering all of our Intellectual Knowledge, Plans, Drawings and detailed information as offered in the above Modules, (at an attractive
AUD$25,000 discount) in order to assist with the construction of your own vertical wind tunnel.

Travel/Accommodation/Living Expenses)

We sincerely hope the above information is of help in your deliberations.
However, please do not hesitate to e-mail, fax or contact our Head Office in Australia if you have any further questions you may want answered.

Regards …
Keith Gardiner

Australian Owned

Free flight indoor skydiving is proudly 100% owned and operated.

Free Flight Indoor Skydiving was built and maintained on the sunshine coast of Queensland, Australia.

Our prototype facility was developed and tested in realtime, with both the tourism public and skydiving professionals from all over the world.

the Facts

Free flight indoor skydiving was the first vertical wind tunnel offering 'body flight' activities, simulating a skydiving free fall experience, in the southern hemisphere.

It took over 20 years of any other company to build an indoor skydiving facility in the southern hemisphere.

We are proud to be the first.

Did You Know ?

...Free Flight indoor skydiving was helped children as young as 18 months and the more mature of our population at 86 years young, experience body flight?

We've also made it possible for paraplegics, the deaf, blind and people with many other disabilities overcome their fears, plus we've given them the opportunity to enjoy an exciting activity with their able bodied friends.

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